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Cover Letter

This is the cover letter I sent with the packet to Durbin.

Training Agreement

This is the abusive and illiegal training agreement that they use to operate as an unaccredited school.

Promissory Note

This is the promissory note my Client was made to sign for 12 weeks of online training, for $21,000.

My client said he knew doxens of other Chinese students whoo signed the same thing. Scared to talk.

Sorry for the weird redaction marks, dont cover anything.

Initial Contract Analysis

If you are a lawyer you might remember that Contracts was the one class I got a higher grade than Ben Christenson in.

Military Targets

Look what CCS/PCS is up to now.


In case you don't already see the scam, look at the one posting online that they do their placement at the other.

Claims to be Educational Institution

Educational provision clearly offered.

California Operation Claims

You don't have to have consulted on accreditation for 15 years like me to know that CALIFORNIA has special regulations for EVERYTHING. How many registrations does CCS or PCS have in the state? NONE.

Lawyerly Letter

I almost forgot. Of course my client is too scared to involve the authorities. He just wanted to try to scare them off. So I wrote this letter. A month later, they threaten to sue him to collect that $21,000.

Still waiting for Durbin to do anything. Should I say it?